Here at ElaBorate we support businesses with marketing strategy and hands tactical support.

Whether you are experienced super busy marketing professional or someone thrown into marketing function we are a trusted resource to help you prioritise and focus.

We thought we would share some of our training programs to drive understanding of what marketing actually is. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will be uploading ‘mini lessons’ which will form a step by step guide and framework.

Through these mini training sessions, you will learn the key skills needed to market your business successfully. These presentations will provide you with information such as; how to incorporate customer satisfaction and loyalty into the business, how to target the right customers and how to create and apply the marketing mix to your company’s products and/or services.

Below is the first lesson; An Introduction to Marketing. It outlines the key definitions of what marketing is, how important customer satisfaction is to your business, as well as explaining the internal and external processes and tools that you should be applying to communicate to your customers effectively.

Click here to view the ‘Introduction to Marketing’ Presentation